Thursday, December 29, 2011

Off to Oregon

Yes we are off to Oregon to drive back an Coach motorhome. It is a huge RV on steroids! Seriously

 I know you are so feeling sorry for me right about now ;)  What an adventure.  We are taking the Pacific Coast Highway all the way from Eugene Oregon 
to Los Angeles, CA

The scenery today is unreal.

We have just gone through Coos Bay, Oregon

And there are these gorgeous fields of cranberries
The mountains are fog covered, it is raining yet warm.  There is no way to describe the beauty.  The state road went through the mountain via a totally cool tunnel.


Northcoast Flea Market said...

hi judy

u passed my house , the ore coast is beauitful ,hope u have funand happy new year

artlady said...

Wish I was with you and Dale, it looks awesome! You guys have a very safe trip and if you come anywhere close to us call and we will meet you if we can! Enjoyed Christmas at your house it's a great place to gather! Love Donna

Shar's Boutique said...

I am so jealous of you right now, but you know what, you two so deserve it! Shar