Friday, November 19, 2010

New Rushes Available for Sign Up

Alex Berg of  announced new Rush categories were now available..

The new categories are:

- Dolls & Bears
- Movie Memorabilia
- CDs
- Sports Memorabilia
- Baby Gear, Bedding, & Toys

According to Alex :

We have some new Rush categories available for sign-up from the ‘Join a Rush’ page. The categories are more refined than some of our previous ones in an effort to reduce the number of items and make Rushes easier to shop.

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Bonanza nominated for Startup Deal of the Year

Bonanza nominated for Startup Deal of the Year

Posted on November 17, 2010

Techflash, Seattle's largest technology / startup blog, is gearing up for their annual award night called 'the Flashies.' And Bonanza is a finalist for the Startup Deal of the Year. We're honored to be included in a list alongside many of Seattle's best companies. Here's the link to the story that announces our nomination.

The winner will be chosen by vote of the people, so if, after careful consideration of the various factors, you see fit to pick a winner, go for it.

See the announcement by Alex Berg

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bonanza makes a Database Upgrade  will be down for a while tonight doing a database upgrade..  The guys say it won't take long and is going to make things work so much better!

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Bonanza Tuning the Rush

Alex Berg of released some of the things they have done and are going to be adjusting in the Rush events.
Hi everyone. Thanks for all the feedback on our new Rush functionality! As I mentioned a few times before we launched, Rushes are going to require some tinkering over time. I thought I would share some of our top findings which are based on stats, live feedback in the Rush chats, reviews of forum threads, and user testing with 'new to Bonanza' users. Here's a quick snapshot of our top 'take-aways' from the feedback thus far.

And the Rush Events are getting some major attention AuctionBytes and TechFlash published articles about it..

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Monday, November 08, 2010

eBay Announcement Page

eBay Auction style listing sale.. November 9 - November 16. No matter the price list for only $0.25

eBay Announcement Page

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Shipping calculator at Bonanza is adding a new shipping calculator that will carry a $0.20 fee per listing.

Sellers can continue to use Bonanza's current shipping calculator. Those who want to use the new calculator must pay a fee of 20 cents per item listed - the charge will be included in sellers' monthly bills. Sellers will be allowed to incorporate the shipping calculator cost into the shipping estimate itself, adding 20 cents to the buyer's estimate so the seller doesn't pay the cost.

Bonanza is waiting for final approval before putting the new calculator into production.
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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bonanza Rush Notifications

Alex Berg of  shared with the sellers the Rush email notification being sent out for the upcoming Rush.. Scheduled Nov 4, 2010 9 AM to 1 PM PDT

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Bonanza First RUSH is now Scheduled!!

You got it,,  has scheduled the very first Rush event..

From the Bonanza Blog

Our first Rush is in Antiques and is scheduled for Thursday, November 4th at 9:00AM PDT - 1:00PM PDT. Those of you who are signed up to sell items in the Antiques Rush will receive an email notification on Monday that includes the date and time and a link to promote the Antiques Rush on Facebook and Twitter.

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Our First Rush is Scheduled