Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thankful Thanksgiving

In the midst of this year's pre-Thanksgiving preparations, our family had an unexpected event. Our daughter in law under went major surgery. The doctor was so very pleased. Surgery went so smoothly. That is until the middle of the night. Intense pain started. Staff simply thought it was the normal post surgery gas problems some patients experience. Until morning when the surgeon made rounds. Our daughter in law had been bleeding internally for hours and no one caught it. Of course, there was absolutely no reason to even look for internal bleeding. None of us knew she was prone to bleeding, not even she knew. And she nearly bled to death before they got it under control. Several stress filled touch and go days, staying at the hospital with our son and our daughter in law.

Just as quickly as she became a critical patient, she made a turn for the better and became a recovering patient. And Thanksgiving Day, our son carefully packed her to our home where we had dinner together. The family, including my parents and my in-laws, gathered at our home, joined hands around our table with our precious daughter in law, bowing our heads very thankfully. God is so very good. He's so good to me.