Monday, January 25, 2010

AuctionBytes Sellers Poll

This past month January 2010 AuctionBytes conducted an online survey for eCommerce sellers. What marketplaces do they use and how do they rate those marketplaces.

The results are quite interesting. So check out the article and see what the online world of sellers has to say!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Land of Slackness

Looking at the Land of Slackness

Slackness is defined as wanting in activity, not using due diligence or care, lacking in completeness or not tight or taunt as in a slack rope.

Slackness is a mentality that attaches itself to a majority of businesses, be it large companies or individual sellers. And slackness will take a toll on your business's bottom line.

So how does slackness affect online sellers? Technically speaking everyone knows that Google (as well as other search engines) likes fresh content. So the business or seller has filled up their Bonanzle booth , their individual websites, eBay Store or other venue of their choice with all these new goodies. Google is in love with them for the first 60 days or so. Then views/hits start to slide.

What to do to stop the sliding? Introduce new content to Google and the other search engines. How do you do that if you have all your inventory online already?

Answer -- Pull older items offline for at least 24 hours.. 72 is better. Then the item can be listed again. Good til Cancelled (GTC) listings can be death of your traffic hits from outside search engines. The content becomes old. Since the item never "ends" it simply drops off to pages and pages back. Never to be seen. Pulling items down every 30 days or so and leaving them offline for a minimum of 24 hours gives you----

Fresh content.. Is it work.. yes it is. But being in business is work. Anyone selling something will tell you the merchandise must be re-faced on the shelves periodically. OR even moved to a new spot. Internet sales are absolutely no different. Sellers like to think they can simply put up product never to touch it again. That thinking is from the "Land of Slackness" Lacking in activity.

Technically speaking, if you want your items to be new and fresh, slackness won't work. Tow a tight rope in your business model. Introduce fresh content frequently!