Sunday, February 28, 2016

Chicken Poop

Chicken Poop

It isn't what you think but this one is so funny.

We are at market, and there is a chicken poop booth. You know the lip balms that are chicken poop brand. Of course we get samples. Now I get what I want but Dale steals my sample and he gives me the one he has. He won't give it back. So I told him never mind I now love the sample I have Thank you very much. He smuggly tucks his chicken poop lip balm in his pocket

We go to eat dinner with Dale's parents and Ken and Carol. Sitting in the restaurant visiting after supper. Dale pulls out the lip balm he has stolen from me. Looks at me pops the lid off and puts it on his lips, He said his lips were feeling chapped. So try out the new chicken poop lip balm
Ken and Carol and I all look at Dale and at the same time burst into hysterical laughter. Dale is going What !!! What is wrong?? Why are you laughing? The more he asks the harder we laugh until we are all 3 about to cry.

You see the chicken poop lip balm is absolutely snow white. And his lips now look like he has put white-out on them. And he hasn't just carefully put it on just his lips he has smeared it all over like a 3 year old would if they got into their mommy's lipstick.
Ken, Carol and I are trying to tell him he now has white lips but we can't talk. Finally I sputter out, the lip balm is snow white and you now have white-out white lips. He says, What what do you mean.
I mean your mouth and most around your mouth is white as in really white. And the rolls of laugher start hysterically again.

So he starts trying to wipe it off. WELL chicken poop lip balm doesn't just come off that easy. And it smears. Which gets all 3 of us in total hysterical laughter

Then Dale says, here is your lip balm. I want to trade back. Give me my lip balm and here is yours.
UH< NO way dude. You stole it from me now it is yours white lips and all.
He tries unsuccessfully to negotiate some sort of a trade with me, I am NOT budging.
He now is the proud owner of white lip chicken poop lip balm and I have the very safe neutral shade chicken poop lip balm.

On the way back from dinner, Dale says, okay that was kind of funny.
I look at him and said "Nope that was HYSTERICAL"