Thursday, December 30, 2010

South Louisiana eCommerce Consulting: 5 Steps to Facebook Advertising Success Part I

Phaedra Stockstill of SLA e-Commerce straight Talk about using Facebook to drive business success

As this blog post became more and more detailed with great information, I realized I would have to split it into several parts.
Below we have Part I with Steps 1-3, next up is Part II with Steps 4-5. And I can't fail to mention the wrap up with 5 tips for facebook ads success.
So enjoy! As always, find your voice in the comments.

South Louisiana eCommerce Consulting: 5 Steps to Facebook Advertising Success Part I

Read, Learn and then Apply!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Introducing Jeremy - Bonanza

Bonanza added a social media onsite staff member.. Jeremy

Jeremy will be tweeting and facebooking and just generally being sociable.. Introducing Jeremy - Bonanza

Welcome Jeremy!

Drop by and say hi..

Bonanza Blog

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

South Louisiana eCommerce Consulting Doing better in 2011

Phaedra Stockstill provides some solid advice for making improvements in 2011.. Don't grow stagnant.. Just one thing. Choose the one thing your business could do better in 2011, make a plan and just do it.

What is your businesses weakest point? Is it marketng? That half done oft neglected blog?

Find it, define it and make it your goal in 2011 to improve your most lagging areas.

1. Complete a SWOT analysis of your business based on performance results of the past year.

2. Identify the weakest link, the area in most need of improvement.

3. Create a strong plan to improve this area, whether it be educating yourself, employees or outsourcing.

4. Implement.

5. Track results and tweak as needed.

6. Rinse, Repeat!

South Louisiana eCommerce Consulting

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bonanza Booth and Items sold changes

Alex at announced this morning concerning the changes made to the Items sold.

The previous version was shall we say really scary... The big bold "Item Sold" made you want to hit the back button and escape.

Now the sold is softer message. And related items from the seller's booth that is still for sale is offered above the sold item.. Much better look!

Read about it here

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bonanza Forges Ahead with Site Improvements

Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 8:29PM
Recently has implemented a flurry of changes and improvements to the site, namely in asthetics and site navigation.

Continuing in that vein is their latest improvement to the visibility of coupons created by sellers on the marketplace. The site has introduced a new set of pages to allow buyers to shop coupons by category. This newest improvement allows higher visibility of coupons published by sellers to buyers browsing in specific categories.

Before the recent addition, visitors to the site were only presented with those coupons that had been recently published.

With the popularity of sites such as Groupon and RetailMeNot, online shoppers are searching more and more for the best buy possible, Bonanza seems to be positioning itself to allow its sellers to take advantage of this shopping trend.

For the sellers, this allows a higher visibility of coupons published for their booth.

Bonanza News - Bonanza Boardroom

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

UPS Adds Photo ID Requirement for Retail Shipping

UPS Adds Photo ID Requirement for Retail Shipping

UPS is expanding its policy to require customers who ship packages from retail shipping locations to present a government-issued photo ID for verification of identification. The directive will apply at The UPS Store and Mail Boxes Etc. locations as well as authorized shipping outlets worldwide. The move is part of its ongoing review to enhance security and comes after the discovery in October of explosives hidden inside a printer cartridge in a package on a UPS cargo plane traveling from Yemen.

By Ina Steiner

Friday, December 10, 2010

Redesigned user feedback page - Bonanza

Redesigned user feedback page - Bonanza

Tonight’s release involved a cosmetic makeover to our seller feedback pages.

Before we get into what did change let’s talk for a moment about what we didn’t change. We did not change one thing about how reviews or feedback is calculated. The percentage ratings are unchanged, the feedback counts are unchanged, and you can still import feedback from other marketplaces. Even the positive, neutral, and negative icons are the same. Changes to this page were limited to visual changes like page layout, copy, etc.

Redesigned user feedback page - Bonanza

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

eBay Provides Brick-and-Mortar Information on Mobile App

eBay Provides Brick-and-Mortar Information on Mobile App

Shoppers who use eBay's RedLaser barcode-scanning application on their mobile devices can immediately find out through a single scan which nearby retailers currently have items in-stock and who has the best local price. eBay added the local shopping results to RedLaser from Milo, which it recently acquired. Milo tracks inventory from 140 offline retailers at their 50,000 U.S. brick-and-mortar stores.

By Ina Steiner

December 08, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Shipping Options - Bonanza

New Shipping Options - Bonanza

Hi everyone – I’m happy to announce some new free shipping options which are rolling out of our experimental features ‘sandbox’ and are now into a live BETA.

They are entirely optional right now so if you don’t want to ‘kick the tires’ you don’t have to. To be super clear, there’s nothing at all you need to do. We didn’t change anyone’s existing settings, rates, or anything about their items.
At a high-level there are three features of note. First is the ability to set different shipping services and prices. Second is a newly enhanced shipping calculator. And third is the ability to set a preference for how and where your packages are dropped off (or picked up) for shipping. There’s a lot to cover here so I’ll take these one at a time.

Different shipping services and prices: for each item you can now set multiple shipping services to give buyers more choice. Want cheap shipping? We have an option for that. Want to offer expedited shipping? We have an option for that too. Each choice comes with the ability to set your own price of course. For example, if you want to set one item at $5.00 for USPS Parcel Post and offer UPS 3-Day for $15 you can do that too. By default your item detail pages will list the least expensive option. Want to take a look? Just edit any of your items and explore the options in the drop-down menu after the ‘buyer pays fixed price option

Out of the sandbox and into the community!

Bonanza in Lucky Magazine

Oh yeah!  made it into Lucky Magazine.. lucky

how totally cool is that!

See the article here.

TalkShoe - Call - Tips From the Top with The Savvy Seller

TalkShoe - Call - Tips From the Top with The Savvy Seller

 Shape Up Your Business for 2011 w/ Phaedra Stockstill

Huckleberry Bumpkin's Blog

Huckleberry Bumpkin's Blog

We all know the holidays are approaching. The television commercials fairly shout out the countdown and the number of shopping days we have left. Aside from the obvious of the material race to get the packages under the tree our minds begin to race as well. Memories of Holidays past begin to fill the space in our minds like the packages fill the spaces under the tree.

The memories and the call to our past has inspired my next guest here on the bumpkin blog. She is a very talented gal who is calling up her past to begin a bright future.

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!

Hallelujah Flash Mob Christmas at the Food Court..
Wow, what incredible voices!
Turn up your speakers this is outstanding

Friday, December 03, 2010

BonanzaBoardroom Podcast December 2, Christopher Joins Us - Forums - Bonanza

Great responses to the Bonanza Boardroom Podcast.. Christopher was so fun and full of information and insight.

BonanzaBoardroom Podcast December 2, Christopher Joins Us - Forums - Bonanza

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bonanza Wins Tech Flash Startup Deal of the year

Last night, December 1, 2010 Tech Flash held their annual award.. had been nominated in November for one of the Startup Deal awards.  The votes were cast and  won!

Bill Harding, CEO of Bonanza accepted the award..

Check out the Bonanza Blog post

And see the article at Tech Flash

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

South Louisiana eCommerce Consulting: You've Been Lied To - Size Does MatterYes size d...

South Louisiana eCommerce Consulting: You've Been Lied To - Size Does Matter

Yes size d...
: "You've Been Lied To - Size Does Matter Yes size does matter and so do the numbers, I am talking Social Media here in plain language. Every..."

eBay Announcement Page

eBay Announcement Page

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Rushes Available for Sign Up

Alex Berg of  announced new Rush categories were now available..

The new categories are:

- Dolls & Bears
- Movie Memorabilia
- CDs
- Sports Memorabilia
- Baby Gear, Bedding, & Toys

According to Alex :

We have some new Rush categories available for sign-up from the ‘Join a Rush’ page. The categories are more refined than some of our previous ones in an effort to reduce the number of items and make Rushes easier to shop.

See the entire article

Bonanza nominated for Startup Deal of the Year

Bonanza nominated for Startup Deal of the Year

Posted on November 17, 2010

Techflash, Seattle's largest technology / startup blog, is gearing up for their annual award night called 'the Flashies.' And Bonanza is a finalist for the Startup Deal of the Year. We're honored to be included in a list alongside many of Seattle's best companies. Here's the link to the story that announces our nomination.

The winner will be chosen by vote of the people, so if, after careful consideration of the various factors, you see fit to pick a winner, go for it.

See the announcement by Alex Berg

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bonanza makes a Database Upgrade  will be down for a while tonight doing a database upgrade..  The guys say it won't take long and is going to make things work so much better!

Read about Bill Hardings post

Bonanza Tuning the Rush

Alex Berg of released some of the things they have done and are going to be adjusting in the Rush events.
Hi everyone. Thanks for all the feedback on our new Rush functionality! As I mentioned a few times before we launched, Rushes are going to require some tinkering over time. I thought I would share some of our top findings which are based on stats, live feedback in the Rush chats, reviews of forum threads, and user testing with 'new to Bonanza' users. Here's a quick snapshot of our top 'take-aways' from the feedback thus far.

And the Rush Events are getting some major attention AuctionBytes and TechFlash published articles about it..

Read Alex's post here

Monday, November 08, 2010

eBay Announcement Page

eBay Auction style listing sale.. November 9 - November 16. No matter the price list for only $0.25

eBay Announcement Page

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Shipping calculator at Bonanza is adding a new shipping calculator that will carry a $0.20 fee per listing.

Sellers can continue to use Bonanza's current shipping calculator. Those who want to use the new calculator must pay a fee of 20 cents per item listed - the charge will be included in sellers' monthly bills. Sellers will be allowed to incorporate the shipping calculator cost into the shipping estimate itself, adding 20 cents to the buyer's estimate so the seller doesn't pay the cost.

Bonanza is waiting for final approval before putting the new calculator into production.
Read the full article at

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bonanza Rush Notifications

Alex Berg of  shared with the sellers the Rush email notification being sent out for the upcoming Rush.. Scheduled Nov 4, 2010 9 AM to 1 PM PDT

Read the entire announcement

Monday, November 01, 2010

Bonanza First RUSH is now Scheduled!!

You got it,,  has scheduled the very first Rush event..

From the Bonanza Blog

Our first Rush is in Antiques and is scheduled for Thursday, November 4th at 9:00AM PDT - 1:00PM PDT. Those of you who are signed up to sell items in the Antiques Rush will receive an email notification on Monday that includes the date and time and a link to promote the Antiques Rush on Facebook and Twitter.

Read the full details here

Our First Rush is Scheduled

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bonanza Tests AuctionInc Shipping Calculator

AuctionBytes  released an article tonight concerning the shipping calcualtor at Bonanza.  In September Bill Harding launched a poll to the community asking for input.  Many sellers in the community suggested Auctioninc.

Chief Product Officer Alex Berg told AuctionBytes he hoped to have something in beta form soon.

See the entire AuctionBytes article

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bonanza Bags Specialty Site Launched Tonight!

Bonanza launched a handbag specialty site tonight.  And it makes perfect sense to do so.. Bonanza since its launch has been the home of a fairly strong handbag community.

There will be no additional charge for an item to appear in the site ,,  And the listing is searchable in both sites, as well as

The FAQ section provides great detail about this exciting new feature just in time for the holiday season

Check out Bills blog post  Wow this is really cool!

Friday, October 08, 2010

List Fixed Price for 1¢ in Hot Holiday Categories, October 9-15! | eBay Announcement Page

List Fixed Price for 1¢ in Hot Holiday Categories, October 9-15! eBay Announcement Page

Applies to only. Be sure to read the full details. 1 cent listing fee in


•Computers & Networking

•Cameras & Photo

•Cell Phones & Smartphones (within the Cell Phones & PDAs category)

•PDAs & Pocket PCs (within the Cell Phones & PDAs category)

•Musical Instruments

•Video Game Systems (within the Video Games categ

Carly Joins the Bonanza Team as Social Media Intern

Carly Hess has joined the Bonanza team as a Social Media Intern.. Fresh out of college sporting a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies from Bowdoin College just this past May.  She will be working with Alex and Phaedra Stockstill of attheboutique to gain more buyers through Facebook and Twitter..

Welcome aboard Carly!  Great Pictures!

Alex Berg joined Bonanza Boardroom Podcast Oct 7, 2010

Last night Alex Berg, the Chief Product Guy joined the "Ladies of the Boardroom" .  What an incredible interview!  Alex is articulate, passionate and easily conveys ideas and concepts to others.  He gave the Bonanza community a glimpse of the rationale behind a Buyer survey first.  Site re-design.. Why a Rush..

Plus we learned who really is the "Resident old guy" on the Bonanza Team..

You will have to listen to find out.


Be sure to drop by our sponsors booths.  Their support makes the Bonanza Boardroom possible


JsGeare's Makin'Tracks

European Goodies


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bonanza Boardroom podcast Thursday Oct 7, 2010

It has been a year!  Can you believe it...

Don't miss the Bonanza Boardroom podcast. tonight Thursday Oct 7, 2010 at 7 pm CST Episode 13

Alex Berg from the Bonanza team is joining us .. So stop in and get the inside scoop on the changes that have been made and maybe what is in store down the road....  Never know what may be shared in the podcast.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bonanza Boardroom Podcast Thursday Oct 7, 2010

Wow, has the time flown by. It is time for the Bonanza boardroom podcast. And do Phaedra and I ever have a totally cool treat..

Alex Berg will be joining us ! He is all pumped ready to talk with all of the community about the great things happening..

Don’t miss this podcast.. It is a must attend event.. (wow that is a mouthful

7 pm CST/ 8 pm EST

Talkshoe hits page #1

Alex posted tonight about Bonanza organic search placement.  The Bonanza community had expressed concern over the name being so far back when searching organically.

Well that is changing, dramatically.  As of today, made it to page #1.  Give it a test of your own.. Be sure to sign out of so the results are not skewed.  Just type in "bonanza" and see where falls.

I tried it myself and the ended up the 6th result on page #1..

How cool is that!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bonanza Adds "Rush" Sale

Bonanza recently removed the Bonanza sale feature with a promise that something new was on the way.  The "new" has been released.  It is called the Bonanza "Rush"  Sellers sign up for the event via the My Bonanza > Sell page.  There is a link to designate the percentage the seller is offering for the Rush. 

Bonanza will schedule the Rush and notify everyone when the Rush time will be.  Instead of discounted items all over the site,  items in the bonanza Rush will be located on a single page. Much easier for buyer's to locate and shop.

Alex posted a detailed outline ..Read all about it.

Monday, October 04, 2010

eBay Announcement Page

eBay Announcement Page

Ten Cent listing days! Oct 5 to Oct 7, 2010 See the details!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bonanza Notifications Have Returned!

Yes!  Bonanza  have returned the Notifications for email, alerts, offers and other important notifications.. The Notification is different from the previous notifications Bonanza  sellers were use to, but it is still great to know when you have been emailed or have an offer anywhere on the site.

AND when the Notification link is clicked, you are directed immediately to your "My Bonanza' page. Easy peasy.

The new Notification link is located along the top bar of the site. The number of notifications is noted by a number. More than one notification a drop down becomes active so you know exactly what the notifications are..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bonanza starts the Address/URL Redirect

Alex from Bonanza announced this evening that starting tomorrow evening, September 28, 2010, the Address/URL redirects will all be in place.

So any links will automatically redirect to  Nothing is going to break so don't panic. All will be well. The redirect will work indefinitely.

See Alex's post

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Bonanza Logos, Banners, Designs

Today Christopher Thomas, the newest Bonanza team member posted the new Bonanza logos, Banners, business card designs.. All the assets!  

Christopher has setup a Zazzle store for Bonanza sellers to create new business cards.

The orange spike grass has been retired as a prominent Bonanza logo .. If you really liked the orange spike don't despair, you will find it located in the page footers mixed in with the "green grass".

The new Bonanza logo is a nifty green Square B. The new logo will appear in a viewers browser, on twitter as well as Facebook

According to Christopher, more assets will be added but this will get the ball rolling.. Enjoy!

Read all about it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

eBay announces 5 Star DSR's for Free Shipping

eBay Announcement Page

Automatic 5-star DSRs for free and fast shipping:

•As of August 24, when you offer and your buyer chooses free shipping, eBay will automatically rate the transaction with 5 stars for shipping cost.

•Starting in November, when you specify 1-day handling time, upload tracking information by the end of the next business day after the buyer’s payment clears, and we know your package arrived within 4 business days from when the buyer pays (or arrived by your estimated delivery if that was earlier), eBay will automatically rate the transaction with 5 stars for shipping time.

Press Release: Bonanza Acquires 1000 Markets and Rebrands as

Moves Expand Product Offerings and Align Bonanza's Brand With Rapidly Growing Base of Loyal Merchants and Shoppers Seeking "Everything but the Ordinary"

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - September 21, 2010) - Bonanzle, the leader in community-driven social commerce, today announced that it has acquired 1000 Markets, one of the premier marketplaces for artisan merchandise.

Bonanzle also announced that it is changing its name to Bonanza and introducing a new design to make it even easier for shoppers to find "everything but the ordinary."
The combined company will be found online at and will further position Bonanza as an exceptional social commerce experience, said Bill Harding, chief executive officer of Bonanza.

"We think this is an amazing triple play. First, we're adding the tremendous stores and shoppers of 1000 Markets to our family. Second, we're bringing a dynamic new design to the site that makes it even easier to list and buy the kind of delightful and unique merchandise both companies have always been known for. And third, we're branding it with a household word that not only speaks to the bounty of opportunities to be found, but is also easier to remember and spell."

Bonanza is an online marketplace focused on unique items that is reflective of the real world shopping experience at a street fair. Working from virtual booths, merchants sell a wide variety of products ranging from old coins and antiques to handbags and candles. Its most popular categories are women's shoes and handbags, home and garden, jewelry, and collectibles. Numerous features, such as chat, custom coupons, and limited time sales, are baked into each merchant storefront.

1000 Markets complements Bonanza's existing stores with its specialty in handcrafted artisan goods, ranging from jewelry and art to home and garden items. Its outstanding sellers and inventory have garnered praise from luminaries such as Oprah, Real Simple, and Good Morning America.

Founded in 2008, Bonanza has quickly become one of the most popular social commerce sites on the Internet. At present, Bonanza has more than two million monthly visitors, 300,000 registered users and more than 3.4 million items for sale across its array of storefronts. Sales on Bonanza have increased by 150 percent over the past year, Harding said.

"This is an excellent match for our merchants and our growing audience of buyers," Harding said. "Both companies emphasize fun and easy shopping for unique products, and the merchants at 1000 Markets are known for the quality of their work and passionate commitment to customer service -- traits that we admire and support."

"We are delighted to join forces with Bonanza, one of the leaders in the field. This will bring our distinctive and passionate merchants the power of Bonanza's infrastructure and traffic," said Matthew Trifiro, chief executive officer of 1000 Markets. "We believe that this combination will create one of the strongest players in social commerce."
"Bonanza epitomizes the concept of social commerce. There are a few companies out there doing interesting things in the space, but social commerce should really be more than just putting Facebook and Twitter buttons on your product pages," Harding said.

Both Bonanza and 1000 Markets are based in Seattle. Harding said that 1000 Markets' inventory of about 100,000 items will be blended into Bonanza's inventory over the next month. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Earlier this year, Bonanza raised $1 million in funding from a group of prominent investors, including Ignition Partners, Voyager Capital, Founder's Co-op and Curious Office Partners, all of Seattle, and Matrix Partners of Silicon Valley. The investment round also included prominent angel investors such as BuddyTV founder Andy Liu, Wetpaint founder Ben Elowitz and Ontela co-founder Dan Shapiro.

1000 Markets raised $500,000 in funding last year from a similarly prominent group, including Founder's Fund and True Ventures.

Bonanzle Makes Big Changes-Name to Bonanza & Site Re-design

Today is a big day! Bonanzle has changed its name to "Bonanza". But why change after two years. Several reasons are cited by Bill Harding.

Bonanza is a real word. It's orginal meaning is: a source of great and sudden wealth or luck; a spectacular windfall

What a better word to describe the site.

Bonanza is easier to remember as well as spell. And if buyer's can remember as well as spell it, that can translate into more site traffic which means more sales.

The second change is the site re-design. The header has been re-designed to include drop down menus to help navigate quickly through the site. The colors and some of the other elements such as the "grass" that ear mark Bonanzle, oops Bonanza remain the same. The grass is located along the footer.

Best of all, the site category navigation is now located on the Home page, neat and clean right underneath the Hand Picked Lists.

Last but not least, Bonanza has acquired 1000Markets .. That Market will be adding their items to the Bonanza site in the near future. So everyone be sure to welcome these new members of the Bonanza community.

To help address questions, take a look at Bonanza's FAQ

Read the full announcement

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bonanzle Changes Bonanzas

Bonanzle is changing Bonanzas.. Wow that is a mouthful!

They are actually going to spruce up the way Bonanzas are promoted so the events fare better increasing sales. According to Alex,

"Our goal with the new direction is to provide greater context and relevance to the items being sold and provide more effective marketing to drive sales"

Can't wait to see how they are re-designing the Bonanzas!

Read all about it

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Christopher Thomas- Bonanza User Experience Designer

Christopher Thomas formally introduced himself today at Bonanza.. He is joining the team as a User Experience Designer.. 

Christopher has already been working with Alex prior to actually packing up and moving from Pennsylvania to Seattle. And some of his handi-work is already live on the site, Things like the nifty search filter Bonanzle site searchers now have to help them find that totally cool doodad they are looking for.

Welcome Christopher! 

Read Christopher's blog post

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ItemTraits Attributes

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bonanza adds Value to Booth Subscriptions

A few weeks ago Bonanza launched a member survey asking what members thought would add more value to the Booth paid subscriptions. 

Alex has been hard at work reviewing and pouring over the survey results. And they have launched a change to the favoriting and following booth feature.. Quite cool if I do say.

Now it is really easy for incoming traffic to see how they can receive notification about product changes in a seller's booth.  So when the seller adds product to their booth, an email is sent to any booth subscriber.

And to add even more value to the Premier Subscriptions.. now on every search result page relevant Premier listing can be displayed across the top of the search results as long as there are 3 or more results found.. Just like Google does in the organic results.

You can read all about it at the Bonanza blog!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Friday, September 03, 2010


Bonanzle Boardroom Podcast Sept, 2, 2010

Last night was the Bonanzle Boardroom Podcast.  The chat room was full.. There was lots of fun, great information AND some top secret information about the BonanzleUp 2011 next May in Vegas.

AntiquesRGreat and EuropeanGoodies called to share tidbits and experiences they had at the BonanzleUp 2010 in Kansas City, August 7, 2010.

Kat Simpson joined us to talk about the "Bling my Bra' Breast cancer awareness campaign that will start up in October.  What a totally cool idea to help in the fight against breast cancer.

You will just have to listen to the Podcast.. It was really a fun time..

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ryan Joins the Bonanza Team

Welcome is in order to the new kid on the block at Bonanza. Hey wasn't that the name of a rock group several years back. Boy did I date myself!

Ryan Hicks has joined the Bonanza team.  Ryan's speciality is "user experience" .. Smoothing out rough edges and making things work right for seller and buyer alike. Which in turn will bring in more sales.. Yes!

Ryan has worked at Skytap, social publishing at Wetpaint and jewelry retailing at Blue Nile. (I love Blue Nile jewelry)

Ryan and Alex are no strangers. They have worked together for over 10 years.

Read all the details at the Bonanza Blog

Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Cent eBay Auction Style Listing Sale Three Days!

Yes that is right eBay is having a 10¢ Auction style listing sale for three days.

August 31, 2010 to September 2, 2010. The seller must have a subscription plan and a DSR average of 4.5

Read all about the details here

Bonanza Handpicked lists and Facebook

Bonanza made a really super cool change to the Hand Picked list page..  A Facebook "Like" button.. oh yeah!  What a great thing.

When you "like" the hand picked list, your name and profile picture will appear. And it is posted to your Facebook page as well.  So all your followers can see what you like.

Read all about it here

Thursday, August 26, 2010

eBay Shipping DSR Feedback Policy Change

Today Ina Steiner of Auctionbytes posted the "official" response from eBay concerning DSR ratings for Free Shipping items.

Currently as of today August 26, 2010, the policy applies to the US and Canada. eBay is looking to possibly roll the change out to other sites as well at a later date.

Sellers must match criteria.:

  • A seller must offer a Free Shipping option on their item.
  • A buyer must choose the free shipping option during payment.
  • eBay must be able to verify the buyer didn't pay shipping costs by using verifiable payment methods and using eBay Checkout.
Read the entire blog post on AuctionBytes

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BonanzleUP 2010 Opening with Phaedra Stockstill

Phaedra Stockstill of and attheboutique kicked off BonanzleUP 2010-Exploding Forward.

What fun!

Ebay Changing DSR Rating Stance for Free Shipping

Today Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes posted about an eBay buyer attempting to leave feedback for a seller who offered Free Shipping. According to the buyer, they were unable to leave any rating other than a 5 star for the "Shipping and Handling charge" DSR..

Read the entire article

Monday, August 23, 2010

Email Capture Changes at Bonanza

If you sign out at Bonanza, scroll to the bottom of any page, you will now see something totally different.  A little sign-up box for the Bonanza newsletter. 

Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with our buyers. And here's a chance for new incoming traffic to find out what is going on with Bonanzle.

Take a look at the new signup box.

Read all about it at the Bonanza Blog!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

BonanzleUP August 7, 2010 Opening PowerPoint Presentation

Opening PowerPoint Presentation BonanzleUP 2010-Exploding Forward.  A big thank you to all our sponsors, attendees, the Bonanzle Team, Bill Harding, Bills' mom (Shelly) John Lawson, Phaedra Stockstill and everyone who helped.
A big thank you to my husband, Dale.. He even cleared his schedule and attended with me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bonanza New Facebook Promotion options..

Once again Alex released yet another new feature and integration at Bonanza

Here is how it looks in your "My Bonanza > Sell" page

Then the following Facebook window opens for you...

You can read about all the changes in detail at the Bonanzle Blog

Home Page A/B Bonanza Test Results are in!

Alex posted the test results from the A/B Home page testing at Bonanza

Results, in Alex's words, "Not super conclusive."

Bottom line, the new Home page format did not necessarily outperform the old home page version.

So what is their next step,,, Take the data from this test, backup and try something else. Which means another test in the near future.

Read the full test results on Bonanza's Blog

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bonanza updates the Site Search

Bonanza made an incredible change to the site search.. This is just too totally cool.  I happened to be online right after the change was made.  I noticed the left navigation was different and started immediately fiddling around with the new filtering.

The improvement really makes narrowing a search down very easy. 

Check out the blog here

They even posted a cool video about how to add Item Traits to listings

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bonanzle Boardroom Podcast August 4, 2010 Wednesday night

Yes you read the title correctly.

The BonanzleBoardroom podcast has been changed this month only to tomorrow night. August 4, 2010 Wednesday night. Same time.. 7 pm CST/8 pm EST

We had to change because of all the travel plans for BonanzleUP 2010..

Dan Shaprio is joining us tomorrow night.! You really don’t want to miss it. He will be front and center. Ready to talk to the community and answer questions.

There is a ton of info to cover this month.

See you there!


Monday, August 02, 2010

Get savvy about the cyber market  |

Get savvy about the cyber market

Bonanzle makes it to the Atlanta Journal.. Cool!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bonanzle Changes Search Results Page

More changes are on the way.. Well are already being shown to "searchers' on Bonanzle

The old search results page was cluttered and often made it close to impossible to locate your favorite seller. Not to mention items that you might want. 

The page has been cleaned up as well as changing the way the search works to locate a favorite seller.

Is that cool or what...

Here is what the "old" page looked like

And the new page looks much cleaner..

And here is what happens when you search for a seller now! How totally cool.

You can read all about the great new change at the Bonanzle Blog

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bonanzle Launches Product Page A/B Testing

Today July 19, 2010 Alex of the Bonanzle team announced they have launched an official A/B test of the Product Page.

The product page is one of the most important pages a prospective buyer sees. The Product page is generally the landing page from incoming search results. A buyer is searching for an item, clicks open the listing and bingo. on the product page.
As Alex promised, he is launching testing to help increase the conversion rate... Meaning more sales to the Bonanzle seller.

Here is the old product page

 And here is the B version (new version)


Half of the incoming traffic will see the old page ANd 50% of the incoming traffic will see the new page.

YOu can read the details on the Bonanzle blog

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Results are In!

Yes the results are in!  From the Bonanzle first seller survey.. Alex just released an overview of the results.

Number one is the diversity of product offered on Bonanzle. Items offered for sale come from all over the place, literally..

The top important features were multiple shopping carts, the item creation process, and ability to do bulk updates. Not far behind was the forum and community site.

Read all about it on the Bonanzle Blog

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bonanzle has a New kid on the Block

Blake Lucchesi joined the Bonanzle team July 13, 2010.  Not only a  new and friendly face but also with lots of goals, plans and ideas for Bonanzle.

"Blake says, "As a Front End Developer, my contribution to the community will be to improve and enhance the user experience on Bonanzle. I'm going to be implementing new design elements, features and some things you might not notice as well."

Read all about it on the Bonanzle Blog

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BonanzleUP 2010-Exploding Forward Logo Winner

Yesterday, the logo design winner was announced at Bonanzle  .. Alilbirdy2 was the winner! Congratulations are in order.

Once again the Bonanzle community jumped in to applaud and share congratulations...Calling all Graphic Designers

Way to go!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bonanzle Boardroom Podcast July 1, 2010

July's podcast promises to be packed ..

We have a special guest tonight. Andrea's Creation is joining us ... You don't want to miss this surprise.

We have a What's new to cover. My word alot has changed in the last 4 weeks.

Mark Dorsey has some things to share with the community, He won't be there "live" but we have the written interview to share..

Be sure to join us LIVE 7 pm CST July 1, 2010


eCommerce-Guide Interviews Bonanzle's Bill Harding

eCommerce-guide released an interview with Bill Harding. The article was written by none other than Vangie Beal, managing editor of as well as an online seller and contributor to

If you are wondering where Bonanzle has been and where Bill plans to take the site, this interview certainly dives into the inside look.

All Things Bonanzle: Interview with Bill Harding

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bonanzle adds Facebook and Google login

Yes that is right. You can now log into Bonanzle using your facebook or google signin.. How much better can it get.

The change was announced by Alex, Bonanzle's newest member, yesterday ( June 29, 2010)

Two reasons for adding the feature:  speed and ease

You can read about it on Bonanzle's blog

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bonanzle is Introducing Alex!

Yeah, I know,, slightly behind here. Alex Berg has already been at Bonanzle for about a week and I am just now blogging about it. 

Alex first "official" day was June 21, 2010.  His job is "the product guy" helping the site stay on target in the strategy, design, and usability area.

Alex will be testing out new designs, layouts and other creative ways to better merchandise the Bonanzle seller's amazing products.  Making the already totally cool site even cooler!

Read more about Alex at the official Bonanzle blog!

Saturday, June 26, 2010



Attention sellers! These summer seller updates, originally announced on April 27, are now live or coming soon:

•New item condition values are now available in many categories. If you haven’t already, start using them now before it’s required on July 27.

•New bulk editing functionality in the eBay listing flow to edit, list, and relist up to 200 listings at a time in a familiar spreadsheet format—including item condition—will be available to all sellers later this month.

•New Microsoft Excel plug-in available now to edit up to 5,000 listings at once.

•File Exchange enhancements available now to update listings with multiple variations and parts compatibility information.

•Rewards for sharing your pictures. Now get 5 free Subtitle credits when one of your product photos is selected for the eBay catalog. If you’ve opted out before, opt back in.

•More secure member-to-member communication. Email communication between buyers and sellers is now more secure than ever with anonymous email addresses in My Messages.

•Get more control over email payment reminders to buyers. Available now.

•Categories and Item Specifics changes now live. Find out if your categories are impacted.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BonanzleUP 2010 Exploding Forward Plans

Live! August 7th, 2010 at the Four Points Sheraton in Kansas City, MO. We have a fantastic line up of events and speakers, including none other than the baby's daddy himself Bill Harding with our keynote and headliner - Mr. John "ColderICE" Lawson.

Sponsors are lining up and so are participants.

You do not want to miss this event. So register now! Registration fee is $25.00 on a pre-sale basis. After July 7th, the price goes up to $35.00.

Things to do in Kansas City, have extra fun while attending the event.

We have secured a room rate of $70.00 per night at the Four Points by Sheraton for our attendees.

And they have extended the rate from 3 days before till 3 days after the event! Book your rooms now, reserved rooms are limited.

We will be posting a complete schedule of events soon. So check back often and bookmark this page. And there will also be a live link to book your hotel at the fantastic rate we have secured.

Bonanzle currently has over 250,000 registered users. If you are a service provider to eCommerce sellers, we are definitely looking for sponsors for the event, so drop us a line at or visit our sponsor page.
Don't miss the opportunity to become a sponsor

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bonanzle gives a new look to the "My Bonanzle" home page

In the wee hours of the morning, June 16. 2010, the "My bonanzle" home pages got a face lift.

No sedatives were needed. The results turned out quite well.

system announcements can now be seen on the sidebar.

There is a User notification section, Sell section complete with links to "Selling tools" and a "Shopping" section with all those cool shopping tools such as saved searches.

The left navigation was not neglected in the facelift. Icons better define each link for those that are more "picture" oriented than words.

the "Sell" section has all the "fast facts" detailed for easy viewing..

You can read the "official" post about it.

So checkout what's new on your "My Bonanzle" page. I think you will like it... Way to go Bill!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bonanzle Boardroom podcast June 3, 2010 Episode 9

An entire week has passed since the Bonanzle Boardroom podcast June 3, 2010. And I thought it was time to perhaps remind everyone of some of the invaluable information covered in the podcast.

First the changelist..

Bill has been incredibly busy. not only expanding the Bonanzle team but coding more features plus cleaning up bugs in the current system.

Phaedra Stockstill of Bonanzle Boardroom and attheboutique covered the "inside" scoop concerning what is the next big thing on Bonanzle.

Here are Bills comments.

Q:ith all the recent exciting news - Funding, Board of Directors, New Hires - What is the bottom line, What does it mean to the average Joe/Jane seller on Bonanzle?

A:The bottom line is that this is going to enable us to create an environment that allows our sellers to be more successful.

To understand what our future holds, I think it helps to understand what our strategy has been to date, and why that needs to adapt. So far, Bonanzle has succeeded beyond anyone's expectations because we have obsessed over creating the easiest (and most well priced) way to post "everything but the ordinary." Sellers get excited about this, and they tell their friends, and in less than two years we have three million items for sale. And the more merchandise we have, the more juice we get from Google. That has been the basic equation for Bonanzle's success so far.

But it isn't a perfect solution. Many Google visitors have never heard of the site before, and so they convert into sales at a relatively low rate. And if they don't come back, there isn't residual value there. The same principles apply to advertising -- you can buy a visitor, but once they arrive, if they've never heard of the site and can't immediately see how it's different from other sites, there is a relatively low probability that they will buy or that they return.

The offshoot of this is that we have a lot of sellers who make a fair number of sales per month, but we don't have many sellers who can quit other marketplaces and sustain themselves wholly on Bonanzle at this point. We want to change that, so that people can earn enough on Bonanzle alone to sustain their business.

In essence, we believe that the key to taking Bonanzle to the next level lies in earning repeat buyers who visit Bonanzle before search engines or other marketplaces. And the key to that lies in differentiating our buying experience from what a buyer can find elsewhere. For a buyer, it isn't enough just to be "easy," because lots of marketplaces have "easy" buying processes. For buyers, we need to create an experience that is fun, interactive, and catered to their specific tastes.

Frankly, building this experience, and building it right, is going to be one of the hardest projects we've undertaken so far. Which is why we've decided to grow our full time development team from one person (me) to five people. It is going to take a usability tests, creativity, and a lot of horsepower to build something that differentiates itself to buyers from the first click. And, critically, we need to enhance this buying experience while we continue to provide the best marketplace selling experience -- we can't sacrifice a great selling experience for a great buying one. We need both.

That is our goal. Our bottom line objective we're working toward is to make Bonanzle a viable place for the average Joe or Jill to run a hearty, sustainable business by giving buyers an experience they can't find anywhere else."

The next big thing covered was the Google organic algorithm change, referred to as the "Mayday" change.

It isn't as scary as the Bonanzle sellers or any seller imagines actually. The change is actually a good thing. Judy Oglesby of the Bonanzle Boardroom and bluepennyladyaddressed the changes:

Google has been launching changes for the past two years.. AS many as 350 to 400 changes per year. They will continue to make changes. Just a fact of life.

[Quote from Bill] There were a couple changes Google made to its search algorithm last year that sent Bonanzle traffic down quite a bit, but even in those cases, it always came back around. Google's ultimate mission is to show a searcher the most relevant page possible, and if sellers are creating relevant items (i.e., lots of details, good pictures, good prices) they're putting themselves in the best possible position to be highly ranked.

The recent algorithm change is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, for Bonanzle sellers it can be a very good thing. So look at it as a "can do" This change is about quality links rather than quantity of links.

First , Bonanzle has lots of quality inbound links. Especially recently with the Bootstrap award, $1 Million dollar Angel funding, all the news releasese, press, blogs, tweets as well as interviews with Bill.. All are linking back to the Bonanzle site.

Long tail search queries are going to reduce the garbage being served up in results. The long tail search queries are going to do good things for the Bonanzle sellers right off the bat. Lazy older sites that have not done anything to keep their sites relevant are going to drop off the search results. And bringing the long tail queries into play will clean up search results nicely.

Sites with tons of links on their pages that are totally irrelevant to the site content will also negatively impact those sites rankings. Relevant links are good. It is about quality not quantity now.

Google analyticals enables a seller to "Know" precisely what keywords are being used in search queries to locate their items. That is what impacts the long tail search queries. Keywords in content rich descriptions and title lines are their friend.

If you know what keywords searchers are using then those terms can be included in title lines as well as description fields.

If you don't have Google analyticals, then studying the organic search results will help. Those listings that appear ahead of your listing must be studied so you can determine what consistent thread is running through them in terms of keywords. Same thing we have always done.

Blogs, website pages with inbound quality links all help drive the ranking up. So rather than linking to a listing page, link back to a category in your booth. And then keep that category populated so a searcher doesn't come to the booth and find no items listed. And clicks back out quickly increasing the bounce rate. Keep listing pages clean so they load quickly.Slow loading pages are often penalized... Hence Bill has spent a great deal of time making the Bonanzle site clean and tweaking the page load times.

The Canonical URL's are important. Bill just implemented those recently so google knows what to index when there are multiple URL's such as our booth URL"s have two renditions.

This is not panic time.. OR the sky is falling, This is happy dance time! Bonanzle sellers have a better chance of being seen.. Newer site, fresher well laid out dynamic content with relevant quality links inbound...

Don't forget to drop by the first sponsor of the BonanzleUP 2010-Exploding Forword booth,,Bubblefast

Plus there was tons of other information covered. So if you missed it live, then by all means drop by talkshoe and listen to the podcast. It is well worth the time..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bonanzle Wins Seattle's Best BootStrap company Award

Yes that is right.. Bonanzle won! Seattles Best BootStrap Company Award tonight! Tonight being May 19, 2010!

The event has been recorded and archived at Seattle's 2.0... The Recording is now available. If you do not want to listen to the entire event, just pull the scroller over to 1:50 timeframe. Bill and Mark are on at around 1:52 or so.

Bill made an "Official response" to the Bonanzle Community. In his ever sincere and forward thinking manner, he thanked the community for their support. And he is right,, this changes Bonanzle.. Bonanzle is no longer biggest of small eCommerce sites. But Bonanzle is the smallest of the biggest eCommerce sites. Move over ,,, Bonanzle is coming through!

This is so exciting!

Bonanzle B-Mail includes Body of Message

For those who have patiently (or impatiently) waited, well the wait paid off. This week Bill Harding, CEO of Bonanzle, changed the Bonanzle email notifications. Previously, only a notice of "you have email" was sent out. So the seller had to log into their Bonanzle account and click open the email message just to determine if it was something that required immediate attention.

But now the Bonanzle B-Mail notification includes the full body of the email message in the notification so the recipient can easily see if the email needs immediate attention.

How cool is that!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Ina Steiner Interviews Bonanzle's Bill Harding CEO and Founder

Thursday, May 6, 2010 Ina Steiner of Auctionbytes interviewed Bonanzle own Bill Harding CEO and founder.

You can read about the Interview as well as listen to the podcast interview too!

It is well worth listening too! You will get a really good feel of Bill's vision for Bonanzle and the community.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bonanzle Boardroom Podcast May 6, 2010

The first Thursday is already here! And another jammed pack podcast this Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 7 PM CST is scheduled. This one you really don't want to miss..

We will be covering the exciting BonanzleUP 2010-Exploding Forward event planned August 7, 2010 in Kansas City, Mo at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel.

The Bonanzle sellers are encouraged to call in with some of the topics they would like to see covered at the event. Although, most of the event is already outlined, we really want to know what "you" the Bonanzle community would like to learn about too.

So join us May 6, 2010 at 7 pm CST at Talkshoe

Monday, May 03, 2010

BonanzleUp 2010 Exploding Forward August 7, 2010 Announced

We did it... Phaedra and I have FINALLY got the date, time and facility nailed down for the next BonanzleUP event.

BonanzleUp 2010-Exploding Forward is scheduled for Saturday, August 7, 2010, 8-5 in Kansas City, MO at the beautiful Four Points Sheraton. An all day event jammed packed full of timely information you can use Now!

You can register at the Bonanzle Boardroom Early bird registration fee is $25.00. After July 7, 2010, the fee increases to $35.00.. Seating is limited so grap your seat now.

Bill Harding, the founder of Bonanzle, will be there.. Up front and center to speak to the Bonanzle Community.

Our very own "Tomwayne1" will be speaking to the seller community. And who knows who else may appear..

John Lawson of "colderice" will be speaking at the BonanzleUp 2010 event. And that is a total wow!

So register now! Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to "Explode forward' your Bonanzle business!

Friday, April 30, 2010

No Auctions at Bonanzle

Auctionbytes again today announced yet another interview with Bill Harding, the founder of Bonanzle

Auctions are a different beast entirely and a different model than Bonanzle. Bonanzle is just a super platform for online sellers wanting a eCommerce website. Bonanzle handles all the nitty gritty details of secure payment cart, site maintenance as well as the Google shopping feeds. Not to mention handling all site issues and tech support. Freeing up a seller to focus on what they really need to, their business.

See the article here

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bonanzle Raises 1 Million so they can Grow

Auctionbytes news today released an article concerning Bonanzle raising $1 million dollars to Grow the Bonanzle marketplace

Bill Harding,Bonanzle Baby daddy posted about the event on the Bonanzle Blog

You go Bonanzle!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WebSellers Circle ECMTA Summit Wrap up Report

Yesterday it was my, Judy Oglesby, bluepennylady, distinct pleasure to be part of a conference call with Phaedra Stockstill of attheboutique, hosted by Cindy Shebley of WebSellers Circle.

The topic was our take on the ECMTA Summit in Las Vegas April 2010.

If you missed the free call live, don't worry, it is available here at the WebSellers Circle

It was a really fun time and good to reflect back on the things Phaedra and I brought back from the ECMTA conference.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BonanzleUp Event in the Planning Stages

Phaedra Stockstill of attheboutique and JudyOglesby bluepennylady have been handed the task of planning the next BonanzleUp meetup event! Wow is all I can say.

We want to know where you, the Bonanzle community would like to see the event at. What section of the US. It just makes good sense to host the event in a part of the country where sellers want to come (or go)

So cast your vote.


Bonanzle is Growing

Today, April 20, 2010 Auctionbytes released an article concerning the Bonanzle site's growth in the past 2 years.

Bonanzle is approaching their two year old birthday in June. And the base is growing at an unbelievable pace. Bill Harding the founder and developer of the Bonanzle site is one of four employees. The site expects to employee more developers and designers in the future

Mark Dorsey, the Bonanzle Chief Raconteur, commented on the uniqueness of the site and items one would find at Bonanzle.

Take a minute to read the entire story

Pretty exciting stuff!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

ECMTA Las Vegas Conference April 13-15, 2010

The week has literally flown by! I can't believe it is already Thursday. Ever single day the intentions to sit down to post some of the events have been there, but the time has just escaped.

Phaedra and I bluepennylady met for the very first time on Monday night. Most people did not know that Phaedra and I have worked together on multiple projects including the Bonanzle Boardroom and podcast ...And we got to meet, very first time Monday night ! Very exciting for both of us.

Tuesday our agenda was full with meet-ups with other Bonanzle sellers. Wow, what an experience.

We had lunch with Bonanzle's own baby daddy Bill Harding
. that was totally fun and very enlightening.

So let me embrass Bill to death. I found Bill to be extremely gracious. Not that I expected to find him any other way. Very well spoken and considerate. He is a gentleman. You know,the kind of man that waits for ladies to walk through the door, holds the door open, offers to carry your laptop bag....that kind of man. Which in today's society isn't something you see everyday.

He doesn't miss anything. Even the most random comment. If something pricks his interest, you can see the wheels turning immediately.

I can also say definitively that Bill is constantly looking for ways to improve the Bonanzle site, For sellers and buyers alike. IT isn't just lip service like some people (or sites), it is a true and sincere desire to give the sellers tools/features/functions/exposure they need to succeed while providing the very best buying experience for the buyers.

I was impressed (like that matters :)

More info to come later. After I unwind it from my brain..

Monday, April 05, 2010

eBay 50% off Insertion Fee for Giving Works Auction listings

eBay announced today a 50% off insertion fee on regular style auction listings when the seller donates a percentage of the selling price to their favorite non-profit organization.

Donate as little as 10% of the selling price

The 50% off insertion fee offer runs from April 6, 2010 to April 11, 2010.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Bonanzle Boardroom Episode 7 April 1. 2010

Last night, Thursday, April 1, 2010 was Episode 7 of the Bonanzle Boardroom podcast.

Elizabeth Van Pelt, Anightowl, the newest member of the Bonanzle team joined the podcast. Elizabeth talked about her new responsibilities at the Bonanzle site. Approving and Improving the Item traits for sellers, monitoring payments, and dealing with help file comments as well as category images.

Elizabeth told us that the "job" has been far from part-time. She was a bit taken back by all the bells, whistles, and buttons that she sees on her monitor as one of the Bonanzle team. Thanks for joining us Elizabeth!

won the Burning Bonanzle question this month. She asked what the top 10 questions since the last podcast in March and how improvements are monitored.

Ever quick to answer, Mark gave us some insight via email. Below is his response.

The process is to search the vote for improvement page, future feature file at support and also requests at each of our email accounts. Bill and I review this as time permits, at the very least once a month.

A couple that come to mind:
Sales Tax integration
Downloadable sales reports
More payment options

The Changelist is long since the last podcast. Here are the highlights covered.

P: 3/11/10
Setup monitoring of sellers with high percentages of negative feedback to be put on probation and/or removed from site.

J: 3/14/10 User profiles now have better preview text in google
And deleted old email YEAH!

P: 3/18/10
Updated offer emails to provide specific details about transactions, link to email other party, etc. Love it! You can now see exactly what sold, the amounts, offer total etc.

P: 3/22/10
Updated offer filter to allow offers to be filtered on the characteristics that buyers and sellers actually use.
Updated offers show page to update aesthetic for the 2010's.
. Now you can use some more interesting filters, such as by payment type. On left are now quick links to offers by title of item sold. Much easier to find what you are looking for.
Fixed description text when posting booths to Facebook. = Now instead of the old post that showed the meta description for your booth itself, it now shows first bit of item description.

J: 3/23/10
Added more advanced detection mechanisms to catch previously suspended sellers signing up.
Added detection of unusual transaction patterns to analyze for potential fraud

P: 3/28/10
Fixed Craigslist exporter for select Windows users with which it wasn't working.

Again there were lots of good questions and comments. If you missed the podcast or could not log in (the technology gremlins were on the run Thursday) you can still here the podcast.