Tuesday, June 05, 2018

How fast is too fast.

Tommy's express car wash.  How long does it take to wash the car?  WELL!  it totally depends on who is driving the car. 

Life with Dale is never boring,  I repeat 'never!

My car is dirty so we head to Tommy's Express car wash.  Dale is fiddling with his money trying to put in his wallet while loading the car on the conveyor.  He not only forgets to put the car in neutral but also fails to remove his foot from the accelerator. Do you have any idea how fast a car can zip through the car wash while riding the conveyor AND the accelerator engaged. Pretty stinking fast! 

And to make it even more interesting,  When this happens it messes up the car wash so you miss well over half of the little wash sessions.  The car may receive only half of spray of water, little bit of soap here and there. Only  those long strings that hang down whisking over the top of the car, barely any rinse water.  AND then when you are done, well the attendant meets you by the vacuums to point out the car is not clean and there is still some soap on it cause it went too fast to be rinsed.

We did get a second car wash. Dale did remember to put car in neutral and remove foot from accelerator.  I am pretty sure I laughed until I was choking.  Life is not boring not for a second!