Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ryan Joins the Bonanza Team

Welcome is in order to the new kid on the block at Bonanza. Hey wasn't that the name of a rock group several years back. Boy did I date myself!

Ryan Hicks has joined the Bonanza team.  Ryan's speciality is "user experience" .. Smoothing out rough edges and making things work right for seller and buyer alike. Which in turn will bring in more sales.. Yes!

Ryan has worked at Skytap, social publishing at Wetpaint and jewelry retailing at Blue Nile. (I love Blue Nile jewelry)

Ryan and Alex are no strangers. They have worked together for over 10 years.

Read all the details at the Bonanza Blog

Monday, August 30, 2010

10 Cent eBay Auction Style Listing Sale Three Days!

Yes that is right eBay is having a 10¢ Auction style listing sale for three days.

August 31, 2010 to September 2, 2010. The seller must have a subscription plan and a DSR average of 4.5

Read all about the details here

Bonanza Handpicked lists and Facebook

Bonanza made a really super cool change to the Hand Picked list page..  A Facebook "Like" button.. oh yeah!  What a great thing.

When you "like" the hand picked list, your name and profile picture will appear. And it is posted to your Facebook page as well.  So all your followers can see what you like.

Read all about it here

Thursday, August 26, 2010

eBay Shipping DSR Feedback Policy Change

Today Ina Steiner of Auctionbytes posted the "official" response from eBay concerning DSR ratings for Free Shipping items.

Currently as of today August 26, 2010, the policy applies to the US and Canada. eBay is looking to possibly roll the change out to other sites as well at a later date.

Sellers must match criteria.:

  • A seller must offer a Free Shipping option on their item.
  • A buyer must choose the free shipping option during payment.
  • eBay must be able to verify the buyer didn't pay shipping costs by using verifiable payment methods and using eBay Checkout.
Read the entire blog post on AuctionBytes

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BonanzleUP 2010 Opening with Phaedra Stockstill

Phaedra Stockstill of BonanzleBoardroom.com and attheboutique kicked off BonanzleUP 2010-Exploding Forward.

What fun!

Ebay Changing DSR Rating Stance for Free Shipping

Today Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes posted about an eBay buyer attempting to leave feedback for a seller who offered Free Shipping. According to the buyer, they were unable to leave any rating other than a 5 star for the "Shipping and Handling charge" DSR..

Read the entire article

Monday, August 23, 2010

Email Capture Changes at Bonanza

If you sign out at Bonanza, scroll to the bottom of any page, you will now see something totally different.  A little sign-up box for the Bonanza newsletter. 

Email is still one of the best ways to communicate with our buyers. And here's a chance for new incoming traffic to find out what is going on with Bonanzle.

Take a look at the new signup box.

Read all about it at the Bonanza Blog!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

BonanzleUP August 7, 2010 Opening PowerPoint Presentation

Opening PowerPoint Presentation BonanzleUP 2010-Exploding Forward.  A big thank you to all our sponsors, attendees, the Bonanzle Team, Bill Harding, Bills' mom (Shelly) John Lawson, Phaedra Stockstill and everyone who helped.
A big thank you to my husband, Dale.. He even cleared his schedule and attended with me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bonanza New Facebook Promotion options..

Once again Alex released yet another new feature and integration at Bonanza

Here is how it looks in your "My Bonanza > Sell" page

Then the following Facebook window opens for you...

You can read about all the changes in detail at the Bonanzle Blog

Home Page A/B Bonanza Test Results are in!

Alex posted the test results from the A/B Home page testing at Bonanza

Results, in Alex's words, "Not super conclusive."

Bottom line, the new Home page format did not necessarily outperform the old home page version.

So what is their next step,,, Take the data from this test, backup and try something else. Which means another test in the near future.

Read the full test results on Bonanza's Blog

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bonanza updates the Site Search

Bonanza made an incredible change to the site search.. This is just too totally cool.  I happened to be online right after the change was made.  I noticed the left navigation was different and started immediately fiddling around with the new filtering.

The improvement really makes narrowing a search down very easy. 

Check out the blog here

They even posted a cool video about how to add Item Traits to listings

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bonanzle Boardroom Podcast August 4, 2010 Wednesday night

Yes you read the title correctly.

The BonanzleBoardroom podcast has been changed this month only to tomorrow night. August 4, 2010 Wednesday night. Same time.. 7 pm CST/8 pm EST

We had to change because of all the travel plans for BonanzleUP 2010..

Dan Shaprio is joining us tomorrow night.! You really don’t want to miss it. He will be front and center. Ready to talk to the community and answer questions.


There is a ton of info to cover this month.

See you there!


Monday, August 02, 2010

Get savvy about the cyber market  | ajc.com

Get savvy about the cyber market ajc.com

Bonanzle makes it to the Atlanta Journal.. Cool!