Friday, September 02, 2005

Who Am I?

A Liquidator, that is who I am as well as a wife, mom and grandma. The "I" is actually "we." We being my husband and I. I sell on Overstock and eBay. I am a member of TOASA at Overstock and a Power Seller at Ebay. Our business, Pennyworth Sales, located in Columbus, KS, began selling online over 3 years ago as a method of liquidating inventory in which we had quite a bit of. Been great! We love selling online.

What do we sell? You name it and we get it. All kinds of goodies from all over the US. Tools, housewares, building supplies, candles, sporting goods, household maintenance stuff-- all sorts of really neat stuff! And if you don't check out my auctions often, well you might just miss that really cool thing you wanted and just can't live without.

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