Tuesday, June 05, 2018

How fast is too fast.

Tommy's express car wash.  How long does it take to wash the car?  WELL!  it totally depends on who is driving the car. 

Life with Dale is never boring,  I repeat 'never!

My car is dirty so we head to Tommy's Express car wash.  Dale is fiddling with his money trying to put in his wallet while loading the car on the conveyor.  He not only forgets to put the car in neutral but also fails to remove his foot from the accelerator. Do you have any idea how fast a car can zip through the car wash while riding the conveyor AND the accelerator engaged. Pretty stinking fast! 

And to make it even more interesting,  When this happens it messes up the car wash so you miss well over half of the little wash sessions.  The car may receive only half of spray of water, little bit of soap here and there. Only  those long strings that hang down whisking over the top of the car, barely any rinse water.  AND then when you are done, well the attendant meets you by the vacuums to point out the car is not clean and there is still some soap on it cause it went too fast to be rinsed.

We did get a second car wash. Dale did remember to put car in neutral and remove foot from accelerator.  I am pretty sure I laughed until I was choking.  Life is not boring not for a second!

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

It's this big

Dale secured a rental car when setting up our trip to Costa Rica.  He told them  5 people and luggage
No problem senor.  We have big car.

We get to Costa rica. FINALLY get on the shuttle to go to car rental.
First off Expedia did not change the rental time to earlier in the day even though they faithfully promised they would take care of that so we were 6 hours early to pick up the car.

No problemo senor. we are cleaning your big car now for 5 people.

We wait maybe 30 minutes and they point to the car. All done your Big car is ready.

I ask  big car.  They tell us it is big car.

Okie dokie now to get luggage into the "big car"

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Chicken Poop

Chicken Poop

It isn't what you think but this one is so funny.

We are at market, and there is a chicken poop booth. You know the lip balms that are chicken poop brand. Of course we get samples. Now I get what I want but Dale steals my sample and he gives me the one he has. He won't give it back. So I told him never mind I now love the sample I have Thank you very much. He smuggly tucks his chicken poop lip balm in his pocket

We go to eat dinner with Dale's parents and Ken and Carol. Sitting in the restaurant visiting after supper. Dale pulls out the lip balm he has stolen from me. Looks at me pops the lid off and puts it on his lips, He said his lips were feeling chapped. So try out the new chicken poop lip balm
Ken and Carol and I all look at Dale and at the same time burst into hysterical laughter. Dale is going What !!! What is wrong?? Why are you laughing? The more he asks the harder we laugh until we are all 3 about to cry.

You see the chicken poop lip balm is absolutely snow white. And his lips now look like he has put white-out on them. And he hasn't just carefully put it on just his lips he has smeared it all over like a 3 year old would if they got into their mommy's lipstick.
Ken, Carol and I are trying to tell him he now has white lips but we can't talk. Finally I sputter out, the lip balm is snow white and you now have white-out white lips. He says, What what do you mean.
I mean your mouth and most around your mouth is white as in really white. And the rolls of laugher start hysterically again.

So he starts trying to wipe it off. WELL chicken poop lip balm doesn't just come off that easy. And it smears. Which gets all 3 of us in total hysterical laughter

Then Dale says, here is your lip balm. I want to trade back. Give me my lip balm and here is yours.
UH< NO way dude. You stole it from me now it is yours white lips and all.
He tries unsuccessfully to negotiate some sort of a trade with me, I am NOT budging.
He now is the proud owner of white lip chicken poop lip balm and I have the very safe neutral shade chicken poop lip balm.

On the way back from dinner, Dale says, okay that was kind of funny.
I look at him and said "Nope that was HYSTERICAL"

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Barstow CA Calico KOA Mojave Desert

We finally made it to Barstow CA and decided to park at the Calico KOA  located in the Mojave Desert.  It was super easy to find.  True to form we got in after dark so were trying to find the spot in the dark. What is it with us and navigating in the dark

When I was trying to get the directions online I kept getting a warning about making reservations and to call.  So being the cautious type that we are, I called.  Sure enough, they had a spot or two open.  It was more like a good portion of the park . Seems we are here during the off season :)  Imagine that.

A Hunter Ranch Lunch

Wonder what that is. Well we did too. Stopped at Lowes to get some tools, like a screwdriver and Dale asked if there was any place to eat. Lady promptly says yes. Go to Hunter Ranch Golf Course  they have a brunch ..

We ask if an RV can get up there. Oh yes of course. They go up there all the time.  so off we go.

Now getting up there wasn't exactly as easy as the lady said. The driveway looked like Pacfic coast highway 1 but since we had already driven it once, this was not a big deal.  Of course we did have to back up into the parking lot just so we could park.

Can you believe the extent Dale will go to find a place to eat!

The Country club and golf course is set on a hill.  The brunch was really good. Whoever their chef is knows how to cook.   well worth the stop.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Day 4 Coyote Valley RV Resort

You read it right.. Did you know that RV's have resorts..  Now Dale and I do not do RV parks stuff often.. I am thinking never so this has been one big learning experience. Like check the reviews, call ahead (or you end up on the Walmart parking lot) Check to be sure they have 50 amp electrical service. And Dale is getting into the cable TV hook-ups

So I get on the my handy dandy internet and google. Find a place called Coyote Valley RV resort in Morgan City, CA and check the reviews. Holy Smokes. This is like a spa, golf course, hiking, country club, you name it kind of place

Restaurant, swimming pooloutdoor BBQ  And a escort limo service 

We take a chance and call. They have one spot left in the whole park. So we'll take it.  They give us all the particulars and ask when we expect to arrive, please be specific within a one hour timeframe.  That is because they have someone meet you. 

The office is closed but that doesn't matter, Here comes this all dressed up for New years eve party lady, all happy and welcoming us. And she promptly gets into her "limo" to escort us to our spot. 

She has Christmas lights on it and heads off leading the way to our spot.  Then the nightguard shows up with his flashlights to help guide us into the RV spot.  They measure to be sure the slideouts won't touch the trees. And give us the list of rules.  No wonder the place is pristine..

They have rules like I can't do my washing and hang my clothes all over the RV .. My swimsuit is okay but that is all.  Or we have to be quiet. No loud outside parties, singing or carrying on.  Who made these rules up. Do'nt they know we are from Kansas and we use whatever to hang our clothes on. But I guess we will comply and be good.

In all honesty, the RV resort was very well done. The people were very helpful and extremely nice.  They dropped back by to be sure we had everything we needed and all was well .

Day 3 Pomo campground

I will try to get you all caught up.. Internet service has been really spotty the last couple of days so haven't been able to post much.

We stayed in Fort Bragg, CA  December 30, 2011 at the Pomo RV and campground.  Really nice place.  But getting there. Now that's the story

It is getting dark and so we were trying to find where the Pomo Rv park was located. Of course it is on the other side of the highway. So we think ah, just keep on driving and see what is on down the road.  About 30 minutes later, we think this isn't such a good idea. Let's turn around and go back

.Just finding a place to turn around is a challenge but we got 'er done. And head back to Pomo

We turn into the driveway and start down the road. About 50 feet in Dale says, Boy this doesn't look right. The road has a "Y" and both roads appear to drop off in the Forest of Nottingham where no man goes. Surely this can't be right.

It is pitch black out by now. Dale decides we better back up and look elsewhere.  Can't see nothing. So I hop out of the RV to help direct him ..  Have you ever tried to direct a 43 foot RV in the total dark.  Oh yeah something everyone needs to do. And Dale forgets to turn on the volume on the back up monitor. So all the hollering and directing I am doing does absolutely nada zip.  I have to run up to the side and holler at him.

Dale spots what appears to be a driveway that maybe we can turn around.  I go look but nope it is gated.  Then out of the corner of my eye I see movement across the dark gated lot.

It has to be a scary creature from the Forest of Nottingham so I am going to get ready for flight. In fact, I am heading backwards already when the moving creature hops over the gate about scaring me to death..

It is the nightguard of the landscaping nursery along the road. And he is coming to help us find our way. Going to stop traffic for us so we can get out on the highway. Then he asks, Folks where you all heading..To the Pomo RV park.

Why yes we are but we can't find it.. He smiles and says just follow the left fork at the Y.. You are not 35 feet from it. Right around that corner. 

Well I'll be ,, when you take the curve, there the RV park is.. Down in the valley the valley so low. Drive the RV around the corner the parks down below

Great place , nice folks very clean RV park

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Uncongested California highways

That's right, there really are uncongested highways in California.. I use the word "highway" loosely here..  We head down California highway 1.. See a sign "Winding road next 22 miles".  Now back home winding road means just come curves ,, But not here..

Holy smokes.. Talk about tight curves, hairpin and switchback curves with no shoulder.. The only other RV we saw was in the ditch jammed up against a rock wall.   Sheer cliffs that would take your breath away not only from the beautiful but sheer terror!

This highway took us right through the middle of the giant Redwood forest.

we didn't know that Avenue of the Giants meant monster mountains,  incredibly narrow roads but breath-taking beauty

Pretty isn't it..   As we enter the uncongested California highway 1

Then we see the sign... 15 miles per hour..  This is not good

And the 22 mile of Terror begins!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 2 Oregon to California

Made it to California last night and stayed in an RV park facing the ocean. Gorgeous view. Waves crashing over the barrier walls, seagulls,, just flat out pretty.

This morning I thought cool I get to take a hot shower.. Yes!  Dale tells me lots of hot water..  His shower was wonderfully warm..  Yes can't wait. So I jump in.. AHHH,, nice hot water.

about the time I get good and soapy, I feel cool water.  Then all sudden ice cold water .. plunk. plunk plunk. Hey Dale if you pitch cold water on me, I am so going to hurt you.. And then I realize the water is coming from above me..

You got it. the skylight is leaking,  dripping ice cold rain water on top of me. AND to top it off, there really isn't any hot water left because Dale used it all .. So much for my nice hot morning shower