Friday, September 30, 2011

Kansas Jubilee Friday and Saturday

Kansas Jubilee

Starts today!  September 30, 2011 Friday

Full schedule of events, speakers and networking

 checkout the speaker and schedule 

Kansas Jubilee Speakers 


It's a Renaissance Bonanza

It's a Renaissance Bonanza

It is time again

With the arrival of Fall we also mark the arrival of the 3rd Annual Renaissance Faire on Bonanza!  Like Christmas in July, the Renaissance Faire is a product of the Bonanza community, where sellers come together to offer deep discounts on their items for the entire month of October.  This is a great oppotunity to network and also to create another channel to market your items.  

Friday, September 09, 2011

Bonanza has a new Home page look

Live tonight Bonanza launched their new home page look.  Pretty Cool design. Things are cleaned up quite a bit.. Navigation allows user to more quickly find what they want such as "My Bonanza > View my Bonanza"  for the new user who in the past could not find their My Bonanza home page, can now quickly locate that  important page.

Can't miss "Notifications" anymore either because the notifications is now in bright blue next to the users log in name.  Makes is way easier to see when a message arrives while a member navigates the site.

Take a look at the homepage  

Read all about the changes on the Bonanza Blog