Thursday, April 06, 2006

Professional selling is what it is about

2nd quarter has started with a major upswing. The Subscription Pricing Plan offered by Overstock is a major boost to sellers bottom line. Overstock should be commended for their hard work and thought in the Subscription Plan. TOASA "Save Green $5" as well as the "BOGO" promotions have really created a stir. MIM auctions are selling well as are regular bid auctions. Auctions hits are up significantly. Both TOASA promotions made the Home Page of Auctions. That in itself should make every TOASA seller hold their head a little higher.

TOASA sellers have joined together in a manner that exemplifies professionalism, commitment to excellence and a dedication to offering buyers the best prices, product and service to be found in any auction venue. TOASA sellers brainstormed, created and fine tuned these promotions in the matter of days. Creative banners and logos graphics were in place almost immediately. If you look through TOASA sellers' home pages, auction listings, blogs and websites, one will see the banners displayed proudly. No wonder these promotions have probably been the 2 best promotions ever launched by TOASA.

All these promotions have been created by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. People willing to stick their neck out a bit. Try something different. Use their creative abilities, no matter how limited they believe they are. The truth is, as a group, we have unlimited talent, insight and expertise. This type of camaraderie will not go unnoticed. And if we all continue with the same fervor as we have in the 1st quarter, it will pay off.