Thursday, January 08, 2009

Selling on Bonanzle

Hi, all,

Well I finally took the plunge and took a look at Bonanzle Great Place! Super easy to setup a booth (that is where you sell your stuff).

I set up my booth in about 5 minutes. Take a look.

bluepennylady's booth

A few mouse clicks and you are done, literally.. Site is easy to navigate and easy to understand.

Have a question, a real live human being responds. One who has read your email and responds appropriately instead of an automated non-response that doesn't help one bit.

Bonanzle will import your eBay store listings. And you can either leave them as they are or elect to Batch edit. The default Item condition at Bonanzle is "Used" so if you sell "new" stuff, you'll need to batch edit and change the item condition appropriately.

Creating a listing at Bonanzle is incredibly easy and fast. Takes about 45 seconds to list something. Their form is one page instead of the slow loading, numerous page, hard to work with Sell your Item form on eBay.

Bonanzle also provides each seller with a google base xml file. I have uploaded the xml file twice to my new google base account created specifically for Bonanzle. Not one single missing attribute or condition. I didn't do a thing to the xml file other than save it to my hard drive and manually uploaded it. Slick as a whistle.

What does it cost you ask? Well I was surprised. Listing is free. You pay Final Value fees. But they are much less than anywhere else I have checked out.
What does it cost to sell at Bonanzle?

According to my booth statistics, the first three days my bluepennylady's booth was open, the traffic was as high or higher than my
bluepennylady eBay store
And although not a landslide business, I have sold two items in the first three days. It only cost me $1.00 instead of $7.20 as it would have on eBay.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not slamming eBay. My bluepennylady eBay store generates alot of traffic. And eBay still provides a pretty good bang for your buck. But there are some New kids on the block and I think they might be quite serious about their online Auction site.

So you might ought to consider checking the Bonanzle site out.. It is looking pretty good!