Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bonanza Notifications Have Returned!

Yes!  Bonanza  have returned the Notifications for email, alerts, offers and other important notifications.. The Notification is different from the previous notifications Bonanza  sellers were use to, but it is still great to know when you have been emailed or have an offer anywhere on the site.

AND when the Notification link is clicked, you are directed immediately to your "My Bonanza' page. Easy peasy.

The new Notification link is located along the top bar of the site. The number of notifications is noted by a number. More than one notification a drop down becomes active so you know exactly what the notifications are..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bonanza starts the Address/URL Redirect

Alex from Bonanza announced this evening that starting tomorrow evening, September 28, 2010, the Address/URL redirects will all be in place.

So any bonanzle.com links will automatically redirect to bonanza.com..  Nothing is going to break so don't panic. All will be well. The redirect will work indefinitely.

See Alex's post

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Bonanza Logos, Banners, Designs

Today Christopher Thomas, the newest Bonanza team member posted the new Bonanza logos, Banners, business card designs.. All the assets!  

Christopher has setup a Zazzle store for Bonanza sellers to create new business cards.

The orange spike grass has been retired as a prominent Bonanza logo .. If you really liked the orange spike don't despair, you will find it located in the page footers mixed in with the "green grass".

The new Bonanza logo is a nifty green Square B. The new logo will appear in a viewers browser, on twitter as well as Facebook

According to Christopher, more assets will be added but this will get the ball rolling.. Enjoy!

Read all about it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

eBay announces 5 Star DSR's for Free Shipping

eBay Announcement Page

Automatic 5-star DSRs for free and fast shipping:

•As of August 24, when you offer and your buyer chooses free shipping, eBay will automatically rate the transaction with 5 stars for shipping cost.

•Starting in November, when you specify 1-day handling time, upload tracking information by the end of the next business day after the buyer’s payment clears, and we know your package arrived within 4 business days from when the buyer pays (or arrived by your estimated delivery if that was earlier), eBay will automatically rate the transaction with 5 stars for shipping time.

Press Release: Bonanza Acquires 1000 Markets and Rebrands as


Moves Expand Product Offerings and Align Bonanza's Brand With Rapidly Growing Base of Loyal Merchants and Shoppers Seeking "Everything but the Ordinary"

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - September 21, 2010) - Bonanzle, the leader in community-driven social commerce, today announced that it has acquired 1000 Markets, one of the premier marketplaces for artisan merchandise.

Bonanzle also announced that it is changing its name to Bonanza and introducing a new design to make it even easier for shoppers to find "everything but the ordinary."
The combined company will be found online at http://www.bonanza.com/ and will further position Bonanza as an exceptional social commerce experience, said Bill Harding, chief executive officer of Bonanza.

"We think this is an amazing triple play. First, we're adding the tremendous stores and shoppers of 1000 Markets to our family. Second, we're bringing a dynamic new design to the site that makes it even easier to list and buy the kind of delightful and unique merchandise both companies have always been known for. And third, we're branding it with a household word that not only speaks to the bounty of opportunities to be found, but is also easier to remember and spell."

Bonanza is an online marketplace focused on unique items that is reflective of the real world shopping experience at a street fair. Working from virtual booths, merchants sell a wide variety of products ranging from old coins and antiques to handbags and candles. Its most popular categories are women's shoes and handbags, home and garden, jewelry, and collectibles. Numerous features, such as chat, custom coupons, and limited time sales, are baked into each merchant storefront.

1000 Markets complements Bonanza's existing stores with its specialty in handcrafted artisan goods, ranging from jewelry and art to home and garden items. Its outstanding sellers and inventory have garnered praise from luminaries such as Oprah, Real Simple, and Good Morning America.

Founded in 2008, Bonanza has quickly become one of the most popular social commerce sites on the Internet. At present, Bonanza has more than two million monthly visitors, 300,000 registered users and more than 3.4 million items for sale across its array of storefronts. Sales on Bonanza have increased by 150 percent over the past year, Harding said.

"This is an excellent match for our merchants and our growing audience of buyers," Harding said. "Both companies emphasize fun and easy shopping for unique products, and the merchants at 1000 Markets are known for the quality of their work and passionate commitment to customer service -- traits that we admire and support."

"We are delighted to join forces with Bonanza, one of the leaders in the field. This will bring our distinctive and passionate merchants the power of Bonanza's infrastructure and traffic," said Matthew Trifiro, chief executive officer of 1000 Markets. "We believe that this combination will create one of the strongest players in social commerce."
"Bonanza epitomizes the concept of social commerce. There are a few companies out there doing interesting things in the space, but social commerce should really be more than just putting Facebook and Twitter buttons on your product pages," Harding said.

Both Bonanza and 1000 Markets are based in Seattle. Harding said that 1000 Markets' inventory of about 100,000 items will be blended into Bonanza's inventory over the next month. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Earlier this year, Bonanza raised $1 million in funding from a group of prominent investors, including Ignition Partners, Voyager Capital, Founder's Co-op and Curious Office Partners, all of Seattle, and Matrix Partners of Silicon Valley. The investment round also included prominent angel investors such as BuddyTV founder Andy Liu, Wetpaint founder Ben Elowitz and Ontela co-founder Dan Shapiro.

1000 Markets raised $500,000 in funding last year from a similarly prominent group, including Founder's Fund and True Ventures.

Bonanzle Makes Big Changes-Name to Bonanza & Site Re-design

Today is a big day! Bonanzle has changed its name to "Bonanza". But why change after two years. Several reasons are cited by Bill Harding.

Bonanza is a real word. It's orginal meaning is: a source of great and sudden wealth or luck; a spectacular windfall

What a better word to describe the site.

Bonanza is easier to remember as well as spell. And if buyer's can remember as well as spell it, that can translate into more site traffic which means more sales.

The second change is the site re-design. The header has been re-designed to include drop down menus to help navigate quickly through the site. The colors and some of the other elements such as the "grass" that ear mark Bonanzle, oops Bonanza remain the same. The grass is located along the footer.

Best of all, the site category navigation is now located on the Home page, neat and clean right underneath the Hand Picked Lists.

Last but not least, Bonanza has acquired 1000Markets .. That Market will be adding their items to the Bonanza site in the near future. So everyone be sure to welcome these new members of the Bonanza community.

To help address questions, take a look at Bonanza's FAQ

Read the full announcement

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bonanzle Changes Bonanzas

Bonanzle is changing Bonanzas.. Wow that is a mouthful!

They are actually going to spruce up the way Bonanzas are promoted so the events fare better increasing sales. According to Alex,

"Our goal with the new direction is to provide greater context and relevance to the items being sold and provide more effective marketing to drive sales"

Can't wait to see how they are re-designing the Bonanzas!

Read all about it

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Christopher Thomas- Bonanza User Experience Designer

Christopher Thomas formally introduced himself today at Bonanza.. He is joining the team as a User Experience Designer.. 

Christopher has already been working with Alex prior to actually packing up and moving from Pennsylvania to Seattle. And some of his handi-work is already live on the site, Things like the nifty search filter Bonanzle site searchers now have to help them find that totally cool doodad they are looking for.

Welcome Christopher! 

Read Christopher's blog post

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ItemTraits Attributes

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bonanza adds Value to Booth Subscriptions

A few weeks ago Bonanza launched a member survey asking what members thought would add more value to the Booth paid subscriptions. 

Alex has been hard at work reviewing and pouring over the survey results. And they have launched a change to the favoriting and following booth feature.. Quite cool if I do say.

Now it is really easy for incoming traffic to see how they can receive notification about product changes in a seller's booth.  So when the seller adds product to their booth, an email is sent to any booth subscriber.

And to add even more value to the Premier Subscriptions.. now on every search result page relevant Premier listing can be displayed across the top of the search results as long as there are 3 or more results found.. Just like Google does in the organic results.

You can read all about it at the Bonanza blog!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Friday, September 03, 2010


Bonanzle Boardroom Podcast Sept, 2, 2010

Last night was the Bonanzle Boardroom Podcast.  The chat room was full.. There was lots of fun, great information AND some top secret information about the BonanzleUp 2011 next May in Vegas.

AntiquesRGreat and EuropeanGoodies called to share tidbits and experiences they had at the BonanzleUp 2010 in Kansas City, August 7, 2010.

Kat Simpson joined us to talk about the "Bling my Bra' Breast cancer awareness campaign that will start up in October.  What a totally cool idea to help in the fight against breast cancer.

You will just have to listen to the Podcast.. It was really a fun time..

Wednesday, September 01, 2010