Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 2 Oregon to California

Made it to California last night and stayed in an RV park facing the ocean. Gorgeous view. Waves crashing over the barrier walls, seagulls,, just flat out pretty.

This morning I thought cool I get to take a hot shower.. Yes!  Dale tells me lots of hot water..  His shower was wonderfully warm..  Yes can't wait. So I jump in.. AHHH,, nice hot water.

about the time I get good and soapy, I feel cool water.  Then all sudden ice cold water .. plunk. plunk plunk. Hey Dale if you pitch cold water on me, I am so going to hurt you.. And then I realize the water is coming from above me..

You got it. the skylight is leaking,  dripping ice cold rain water on top of me. AND to top it off, there really isn't any hot water left because Dale used it all .. So much for my nice hot morning shower

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