Monday, March 29, 2010

New on Bonanzle Boardroom "Successful Bonanzle Sellers" Interviews!

The Bonanzle Boardroom has launched something totally new!

Interviews with "Successful Bonanzle sellers".. With such an influx of new sellers, comes an increasing demand for more information. How do you move your buyers from other venues to your Bonanzle booth?

What about marketing your booth? How are others doing it, (meaning marketing) The list of questions from inquiring minds is almost endless.

So the 'answer" Let the community speak.

Be sure to check the Bonanzle Boardroom podcast page for interviews..

IN fact, the very first interview is already there just for your listening pleasure... Sharsboutique was the first Interviewee (is that a word!! )

Listen and learn at your leisure..

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