Monday, March 15, 2010

Bonanzle Announces an Addition to Tech Support Team

Bonanzle is growing at such a rapid pace. And as the user base expands so does the demand for support. In answer to the increasing user, Bill announced March 12, 2010a new addition to the Bonanzle tech team, Elizabeth of ANightOwl

Elizabeth joined Bonanzle October of 2008 and is very active on the Bonanzle forums as well as running a successful Bonanzle booth.

According to Bill,

"Elizabeth's initial responsibilities will be helping to approve and improve our item traits, monitoring and enforcing payments, and keeping an eye on site help comments and images submitted for the category page. We also plan to have her dabble in support and other community maintenance tasks as needed."

Elizabeth will start out part-time as Tom did.. Yeah right! With the rapidly increasing Bonanzle user base, I suspect Elizabeth will quickly be seen frequently in the "support" role. So start sending in those emails to see if you can catch one with Elizabeths' name!

A hearty congratulations to you Elizabeth!! No wonder you were walking around for days smiling. what a honor indeed! Welcome aboard!

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Yeshuazgirl said...

So wonderful gthat the Boyz hired Elizabeth! they have great taste! Congrats Elizabeth! Sooo very happy for you and all of us Bonanzle Beauties!