Monday, January 02, 2012

Day 3 Pomo campground

I will try to get you all caught up.. Internet service has been really spotty the last couple of days so haven't been able to post much.

We stayed in Fort Bragg, CA  December 30, 2011 at the Pomo RV and campground.  Really nice place.  But getting there. Now that's the story

It is getting dark and so we were trying to find where the Pomo Rv park was located. Of course it is on the other side of the highway. So we think ah, just keep on driving and see what is on down the road.  About 30 minutes later, we think this isn't such a good idea. Let's turn around and go back

.Just finding a place to turn around is a challenge but we got 'er done. And head back to Pomo

We turn into the driveway and start down the road. About 50 feet in Dale says, Boy this doesn't look right. The road has a "Y" and both roads appear to drop off in the Forest of Nottingham where no man goes. Surely this can't be right.

It is pitch black out by now. Dale decides we better back up and look elsewhere.  Can't see nothing. So I hop out of the RV to help direct him ..  Have you ever tried to direct a 43 foot RV in the total dark.  Oh yeah something everyone needs to do. And Dale forgets to turn on the volume on the back up monitor. So all the hollering and directing I am doing does absolutely nada zip.  I have to run up to the side and holler at him.

Dale spots what appears to be a driveway that maybe we can turn around.  I go look but nope it is gated.  Then out of the corner of my eye I see movement across the dark gated lot.

It has to be a scary creature from the Forest of Nottingham so I am going to get ready for flight. In fact, I am heading backwards already when the moving creature hops over the gate about scaring me to death..

It is the nightguard of the landscaping nursery along the road. And he is coming to help us find our way. Going to stop traffic for us so we can get out on the highway. Then he asks, Folks where you all heading..To the Pomo RV park.

Why yes we are but we can't find it.. He smiles and says just follow the left fork at the Y.. You are not 35 feet from it. Right around that corner. 

Well I'll be ,, when you take the curve, there the RV park is.. Down in the valley the valley so low. Drive the RV around the corner the parks down below

Great place , nice folks very clean RV park

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