Saturday, December 31, 2011

Uncongested California highways

That's right, there really are uncongested highways in California.. I use the word "highway" loosely here..  We head down California highway 1.. See a sign "Winding road next 22 miles".  Now back home winding road means just come curves ,, But not here..

Holy smokes.. Talk about tight curves, hairpin and switchback curves with no shoulder.. The only other RV we saw was in the ditch jammed up against a rock wall.   Sheer cliffs that would take your breath away not only from the beautiful but sheer terror!

This highway took us right through the middle of the giant Redwood forest.

we didn't know that Avenue of the Giants meant monster mountains,  incredibly narrow roads but breath-taking beauty

Pretty isn't it..   As we enter the uncongested California highway 1

Then we see the sign... 15 miles per hour..  This is not good

And the 22 mile of Terror begins!

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