Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Night in RV Park

Our first night in an RV park..  We are in Crescent City, CA.  in a totally cool RV park.. Facing the ocean, Wind is whipping 90 to nothing, raining like crazy. But does that matter to us, nope not a bit.. So Dale and I jump out to get the RV all hooked up.. Shore power, city water and cable TV.

There is just one little issue.. It is that flashing Fault light on the onboard power inverter..  Hook up turn on shore power.. AND drum roll tada..  ummmm nothing. No power..

Are we daunted.. not on your life.. we hit the generator switch.  Generator jumps to life humming away.  I hurry to the kitchen to start that hot coffee.. Hey Dale,, there isn't any electrical outlet power.  NO where in the RV.. And that annoying power inverter light is still blinking Fault 1

We even resort to calling a guy back home we go to church with who is an amazing RV electrical whiz especially since that is what he does for a living. wires up RV. the really huge rigs like this.. So he gives Dale all kinds of things to check.

About 10 trips in and back out Dale is soaking wet, generator is running but we do not have any power and the RV is now running so we have heat and don't run the batteries down.. 

Tomorrow we go to the RV shop down the road and see about the power inverter..  Me being me I googled it :)   And we have a good idea of what the deal is but will need some parts.

On the bright side, take a look at the inside of our home away from home.  And me in my jammies working diligently in Bonanza support.

I still can't believe Dale took a picture of me in my jammies!

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