Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Hunter Ranch Lunch

Wonder what that is. Well we did too. Stopped at Lowes to get some tools, like a screwdriver and Dale asked if there was any place to eat. Lady promptly says yes. Go to Hunter Ranch Golf Course  they have a brunch ..

We ask if an RV can get up there. Oh yes of course. They go up there all the time.  so off we go.

Now getting up there wasn't exactly as easy as the lady said. The driveway looked like Pacfic coast highway 1 but since we had already driven it once, this was not a big deal.  Of course we did have to back up into the parking lot just so we could park.

Can you believe the extent Dale will go to find a place to eat!

The Country club and golf course is set on a hill.  The brunch was really good. Whoever their chef is knows how to cook.   well worth the stop.

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