Monday, January 02, 2012

Day 4 Coyote Valley RV Resort

You read it right.. Did you know that RV's have resorts..  Now Dale and I do not do RV parks stuff often.. I am thinking never so this has been one big learning experience. Like check the reviews, call ahead (or you end up on the Walmart parking lot) Check to be sure they have 50 amp electrical service. And Dale is getting into the cable TV hook-ups

So I get on the my handy dandy internet and google. Find a place called Coyote Valley RV resort in Morgan City, CA and check the reviews. Holy Smokes. This is like a spa, golf course, hiking, country club, you name it kind of place

Restaurant, swimming pooloutdoor BBQ  And a escort limo service 

We take a chance and call. They have one spot left in the whole park. So we'll take it.  They give us all the particulars and ask when we expect to arrive, please be specific within a one hour timeframe.  That is because they have someone meet you. 

The office is closed but that doesn't matter, Here comes this all dressed up for New years eve party lady, all happy and welcoming us. And she promptly gets into her "limo" to escort us to our spot. 

She has Christmas lights on it and heads off leading the way to our spot.  Then the nightguard shows up with his flashlights to help guide us into the RV spot.  They measure to be sure the slideouts won't touch the trees. And give us the list of rules.  No wonder the place is pristine..

They have rules like I can't do my washing and hang my clothes all over the RV .. My swimsuit is okay but that is all.  Or we have to be quiet. No loud outside parties, singing or carrying on.  Who made these rules up. Do'nt they know we are from Kansas and we use whatever to hang our clothes on. But I guess we will comply and be good.

In all honesty, the RV resort was very well done. The people were very helpful and extremely nice.  They dropped back by to be sure we had everything we needed and all was well .

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