Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Time Flies

In a few weeks will mark the two year anniversary of when our oldest twin son took an 18 foot fall headfirst from the iron on a building he was erecting, nearly claiming his life.

The road to recovery has had its challenges. He is a walking miracle. I see our son returning to his "old self". That same sparkle in his eye is back. That disarming from the heart kind of smile is there. But what is totally cool is some of the "Brain" things are working again.

Prior to the fall, he use to be able to calculate in his head faster than you could run numbers on a calculator. Do complex mathematical calculations on the jobsite without pen or paper. That was lost in the fall. But the other day, he stood in our living room, talking to his dad about a roofing job and how much foam material they would need. Without even noticing, he stood there and ran the job numbers in his head, told his dad the square footage, how thick the foam needed to be and broke it down into the kits needed.

I couldn't hardly keep the tears back. Several months ago he would have had to sit down with pen and paper to do that.

He was my coffee drinking buddy. He would come by most mornings real early and grap coffee on his way to a jobsite (if he was in town). He lost his taste for coffee as well as lots of foods he use to love. The taste for coffee is returning. Now, he comes by and graps a cup. Did that yesterday. Hearing his travel mug crack open and the pot pouring coffee makes my heart so thankful. I will make 100 pots of coffee for him. God is so good.!

Now if we can just get him to eat broccoli again!

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