Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bonanzle Makes Big Changes-Name to Bonanza & Site Re-design

Today is a big day! Bonanzle has changed its name to "Bonanza". But why change after two years. Several reasons are cited by Bill Harding.

Bonanza is a real word. It's orginal meaning is: a source of great and sudden wealth or luck; a spectacular windfall

What a better word to describe the site.

Bonanza is easier to remember as well as spell. And if buyer's can remember as well as spell it, that can translate into more site traffic which means more sales.

The second change is the site re-design. The header has been re-designed to include drop down menus to help navigate quickly through the site. The colors and some of the other elements such as the "grass" that ear mark Bonanzle, oops Bonanza remain the same. The grass is located along the footer.

Best of all, the site category navigation is now located on the Home page, neat and clean right underneath the Hand Picked Lists.

Last but not least, Bonanza has acquired 1000Markets .. That Market will be adding their items to the Bonanza site in the near future. So everyone be sure to welcome these new members of the Bonanza community.

To help address questions, take a look at Bonanza's FAQ

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