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Bonanzle Boardroom Episode 7 April 1. 2010

Last night, Thursday, April 1, 2010 was Episode 7 of the Bonanzle Boardroom podcast.

Elizabeth Van Pelt, Anightowl, the newest member of the Bonanzle team joined the podcast. Elizabeth talked about her new responsibilities at the Bonanzle site. Approving and Improving the Item traits for sellers, monitoring payments, and dealing with help file comments as well as category images.

Elizabeth told us that the "job" has been far from part-time. She was a bit taken back by all the bells, whistles, and buttons that she sees on her monitor as one of the Bonanzle team. Thanks for joining us Elizabeth!

won the Burning Bonanzle question this month. She asked what the top 10 questions since the last podcast in March and how improvements are monitored.

Ever quick to answer, Mark gave us some insight via email. Below is his response.

The process is to search the vote for improvement page, future feature file at support and also requests at each of our email accounts. Bill and I review this as time permits, at the very least once a month.

A couple that come to mind:
Sales Tax integration
Downloadable sales reports
More payment options

The Changelist is long since the last podcast. Here are the highlights covered.

P: 3/11/10
Setup monitoring of sellers with high percentages of negative feedback to be put on probation and/or removed from site.

J: 3/14/10 User profiles now have better preview text in google
And deleted old email YEAH!

P: 3/18/10
Updated offer emails to provide specific details about transactions, link to email other party, etc. Love it! You can now see exactly what sold, the amounts, offer total etc.

P: 3/22/10
Updated offer filter to allow offers to be filtered on the characteristics that buyers and sellers actually use.
Updated offers show page to update aesthetic for the 2010's.
. Now you can use some more interesting filters, such as by payment type. On left are now quick links to offers by title of item sold. Much easier to find what you are looking for.
Fixed description text when posting booths to Facebook. = Now instead of the old post that showed the meta description for your booth itself, it now shows first bit of item description.

J: 3/23/10
Added more advanced detection mechanisms to catch previously suspended sellers signing up.
Added detection of unusual transaction patterns to analyze for potential fraud

P: 3/28/10
Fixed Craigslist exporter for select Windows users with which it wasn't working.

Again there were lots of good questions and comments. If you missed the podcast or could not log in (the technology gremlins were on the run Thursday) you can still here the podcast.


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