Monday, February 23, 2009

Web-based Auction Management tools versus Computer-Based

Over the past few days the Auctiva website was infected with a Trojan. Auctiva users could not safely log into their accounts to manage their listings. And the buyers could not pay for items purchased.

Here is a link to an article at AuctionBytes..

Trojan Infects Auctiva

This exact scenario is one of the reasons I stay away from web-based applications. Had I been an Auctiva user, my anti virus software would not even allow me to navigate to the site, so I could not have managed a single listing for over four days.

Now I realize my own computer network could be attacked. Anyone could be. But putting my sensitive information on another site whose security could not be up to par isn't something I even don't want to think about.

I will just stick with my computer based Auction management software that I have used for years. Auction Wizard 2000

If the internet is down, doesn't matter I can continue putting in information for auctions, editing images or whatever I want to do on my computer. And I don't have to store any of my passwords or financial information on a site out there that is high profile and could easily be attacked, gleaning my information..

No waiting for a browser page to load so I can add/edit images, add description text or all the other tasks that must be done in order to manage auctions. It is on my computer and moves as fast as my computer does.

Nope, I will stay with computer based Auction management software.

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eBay 3rd Party Provider Auctiva Shuts Down Site Due To “MONSTER” Mystery VIRUS?:..